A huge update has rolled through (clearly). We're changing direction. From game reviews to movie reviews. DIY technology, programming, and maybe even politics here and there.
I doubt anyone used the content that was here beforehand but if you did you may still find some of it in the "more" tab. If you would like a feature back that you enjoyed just send an email over and I'll check it over immediately. And yes, I know the only share button is currently a facebook button. You'll live.


It would mean a lot to me if you showed some support during this transition time. As I am the only writer on this website it will take some time for me to put together articles and such. During this time I ask that you bookmark this page. Maybe even join the mailing list(opens native mail application). Just send me an email. Have an idea for ways to improve the website or maybe you want to be a writer for BullBlox? Let me know in the mailing list email and i'll respond promptly!

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